Let's Go to Jamaica!

Jamaica Sim Card has the best available sim solutions for travel to Jamaica. All our Jamaica sim cards feature unlimited free incoming calls and unlimited free incoming text messages.
Get a sim for your Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, SmartPhone, or Unlocked Quad band GSM phone, and stay connected in Jamaica without paying a bundle for roaming service.

Leave your Jamaica number with friends and family and tell them to call you. It's alright - You will enjoy Unlimited Free Incoming calls and text messages while in Jamaica.

Don't forget to ask about the Jamaica International plan. Add it to your line and call home for as little as a 1.5c per minute. You are on vacation, not out of touch with a Jamaica Sim Card from jamaicasimcard.com!

Order your LIME Jamaica sim and have it delivered before you depart for Jamaica. Take advantage of our 2 day USA FedEx shipping upgrade for $9.99 and get your sim tomorrow.

Our LIME Jamaica sim card

Our LIME Jamaica sim card comes loaded with USD $5 or $25.
The LIME Jamaica sim features unlimited free incoming calls and unlimited free incoming text messages while you are in Jamaica. We also have a sim option including data service for iPhone, iPad, smartphones and tablets. LIME Jamaica uses the 850Mhz/1900Mhz GSM band so make sure you have a quad band GSM phone ready for your trip.
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LIME Jamaica Sim Card Offers
1. Sim Card with $5USD loaded - $39.99 - BUYNOW
2. Sim Card with $25USD loaded - $59.99 - BUYNOW

Questions - Contact Customer Care at +1-703-953-2272 or +61.2801.55590 or +44.7700304300 from your wireless phone. You can also send an email to support@mrsimcard.com. Please follow us on Twitter.

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